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Registered & Licensed Practical Nurses in Brooklyn, New York

At Rishavena Home Health Care Agency, servicing all five boroughs including Nassau County, our registered and licensed practical nurses attend to your needs with respect and compassion. Our medical staff is highly efficient at responding to your needs in a timely manner.

Skilled Nursing

Managing a medical condition like a chronic illness or a major disease takes a toll. Having a professional around your home lightens the burden. With a registered nurse in your home providing care, you receive expert health care services that include:

• Initial Assessment
• Wound Care & Dressing Change
• Tube Feeding, G-Tube Care & Teaching
• Evaluation of Home Environment
• Orthopedics
• Post-Surgery Care
• Monitoring of Vital Signs
• Catheter Care & Change
• Diabetic Care

• Infusion Therapy
• Injections & IV Therapy
• Medication Administration
• Pulmonary Care

Nurse with Patient, Registered Nurses in Brooklyn, NY

Home Health Aide

There are many ways that personal care benefits you or your loved one at home. For someone who requires elderly care or assistance with daily living, a home health aide makes a big difference. Professional care from an aide ensures continuity of care and prevents harm for someone who needs regular attention due to age, memory challenges, or disabilities. Should your doctor recommend you for home health aide attention, the services we provide include: 

• Grocery Shopping
• Running of Errands
• Accompanied Transportation
• Assistance with Personal Hygiene
• Proper Initial Visits & Evaluation

• Personal Care & Attention
• Housekeeping Services
• Laundry Services
• Meal Preparation
• Companionship

• Establish Detailed Service Delivery & Schedule
• Expedite the Delivery of All Services
• Implement Management Control of All Contracts
• Prepare & Implement Subcontract Agreements

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